Friday, August 17, 2018

Airport Landing Proceedure

When you go to the airport, its a piece of cake - you just pick up your cell phone and call Plainview Taxi and Airport Service at 516-500-1188, talk to the dispatcher, schedule a time for pickup, which we calculate to be (from Plainview NY 11803, Hicksville NY 11801, Syosset NY 11791, Woodbury NY 11797, West Hills NY 11743, Melville NY 11747, Old Bethpage NY 11804 or Bethpage NY 11714) to be 2.5 hours to JFK Domestic, 3.5 hours to JFK international, 3 hours to LGA (all domestic flights), 2.5 hours to Islip MacArthur Airport, 4.5 hours to Newark Domestic and 5.5 hours to Newark international flight. That is the calculated pickup time from the time we pick you up until the time your flight is scheduled to depart.

Generally, you will see your driver at your pickup location about 5 minutes prior to your scheduled pickup time and have little if any issues getting picked up on a scheduled ride inbound to the airport when you book with us.

The hassle always comes on the return, which we have implemented a procedure that eliminates most of the confusion on the user's end

Plainview Taxi and Airport Service has the landing procedure of calling first thing when you land, while still on the airplane taxiing to the gate, leaving your cell phone on, open and free for your driver to contact you at all times between the time you land and the time you are in our vehicle.

When you are ready to go, call us again (by this time you will already be in contact with your driver). Then, and only then may we place the vehicle into the airport terminal for FAST, EFFICIENT curbside pickup aided EXCLUSIVELY with your cell phone


driver may not sit for even ten seconds (airport security will chase him away). To prevent any communication errors, your cell phone must be open for the driver to call you at all times.

Occasionally on delayed flights, or busy landing times (usually around the 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM hours, there may be a bottleneck on the approach to your terminal (this happens a lot at JFK Terminal 4 and JFK Terminal 5) and LaGuardia Terminal B. Unfortunately because of the erratic timing of certain airlines, at the present moment there isn't much we can do about this delay of your pickup. Even if your driver circles (which is an inefficient waste of gas, time and company resources) at the time you are outside waiting to get picked up, the airlines just dump everyone into the same space/time and you will wait the same amount of time to get picked up as you would if you just let us know at the time you are ready to go.

When you call us/your driver and tell us you are ready to get picked up, ALL PARTIES MUST BE WAITING AT CURBSIDE FOR DRIVER. You can not re-enter the building after we blast your driver into the terminal. Again, he may not sit and wait inside the terminal, as there is a huge risk for  a ticket if he does so. Please have all your luggage gathered and all persons be in one spot when youre ready to go, otherwise you will delay your pickup even more.

Thanks for reading guys, next week I would like to talk to you about multiple airline flight pickups at the airport